I Read Arabic is a program designed for Interactive Learning

We provide learners and educators with high-quality content to enhance 21st century skills that are the foundation for building lifelong learners.

  • Audio-recorded e-books that include narrative and non-fiction texts, articles and plays.
  • Book tests that are based on comprehension questions and grammar skills, gradually presented based on different levels of ease and difficulty.
  • Short videos that reinforce and deepen learnt ideas and skills, based on STEAM topics to increase lessons and develop traditional skills.
  • Worksheets to ensure that learning outcomes are achieved, and used as part of the learner’s assessment.
  • Rewards and fun games: To achieve a reward-based learning approach.
We provide children with a

I Read Arabic program is an integral part of teaching strategies.

I Read Arabic is a program designed for Interactive Learning

We provide Arabic language teachers with educational tools, diagnostic tests and effective monitoring.

  • Various sources accredited by the Language and Literature Program and International Programs to provide integrated language learning in the classroom and to supplement it with training assignments after school.
  • Placement, diagnostic, and benchmark tests to assess learners’ levels and learning attainment.
  • The program includes an entire section on preparing the reader for the PIRLS exam.
  • Detailed reports to monitor progress and measure language skills acquisition aligned with curriculum standards and the Ministry of Education’s expectations.
  • Integration with Learning Management Systems “LMS” to record individual logins and integrate reports with standard school performance reports.

To ensure continuity of use … we are committed to achieving optimum utilization

  • We provide schools and teachers with additional maps of learning data to track progress on an annual basis and to evaluate school inspections.ate is relayed for each academic year to monitor continuous progress.
  • Monthly teacher rewards program to motivate teachers to use the program continuously and effectively.
  • WhatsApp group for teachers with the support team of Little Thinking Minds to serve teachers continuously and effectively.
  • Support team for parents and learners.
  • Celebrate the end of the year with teachers and the most consistent users of the program.

نموذج لوريم ايبسوم عربي

لوريم ايبسوم دولار سيت أميت ,كونسيكتيتور أدايبا يسكينج أليايت,سيت دو أيوسمود تيمبور أنكايديديونتيوت لابوري ات دولار ماجنا أليكيوا . يوت انيم أد مينيم فينايم,كيواس نوستريد أكسير سيتاشن يللأمكو لابورأس نيسي يت أليكيوب أكس أيا كوممودو كونسيكيوات . ديواس أيوتي أريري دولار إن ريبريهينديرأيت فوليوبتاتي فيلايت أيسسي كايلليوم دولار أيو فيجايت نيولا باراياتيور. أيكسسيبتيور ساينت أوككايكات كيوبايداتات نون بروايدينت ,سيونت ان كيولبا كيو أوفيسيا ديسيريونتموليت انيم أيدي ايست لابوريوم.

Why I Read Arabic Program?

This schedule highlights the special features of I Read Arabic program in comparison with other programs:
Comparison Point I Read Arabic Other platforms
Age Group 4-18 years 4-18 years
Available Books Provides more than 800 reading and audio books in the Arabic language Less than 800 Arabic books with limited topics
Worksheets .More than 450 interactive worksheets, available in PDF form Limited and non-interactive worksheets
Video Library More than 250 videos based on STEAM topics Not Available
Performance Tests Accurate tests to measure learners’ performance related to language skills and learning outcomes aligned with curricula in Arab countries. The tests are not aligned with the curricula in Arab countries.
Diagnostic Tests Tests to measure the learners’ performance and their level of achievement with remediation plans. Not Available
Support Programs After the final level assessment, support programs are available to strengthen the students’ skills through various sources that achieve differentiation. Not Available
PIRLS Exam Section Providing educational units that are aligned with the PIRLS reading literacy test Not Available
Gamified Learning More than 45 motivational games and avatars and badges when achieving a specific skill and the ability to share their achievements with the other learners as stories to increase their enthusiasm for using the program. Very limited
User Friendly An individualized, interactive and easy-to-use journey, tested on all age groups. Difficult user interface
Alignment with the Curriculum The content is flexible and aligns with all curricula “UK, US, IB and other Indian and international curricula”, in addition to creating young thinkers familiar with the curricula through writers specialized in literature and the art of writing. Limited Resources
Learning Skills Adaptivity Building educational material based on Bloom’s taxonomy of educational objectives and learning outcomes and aligned with the national and international curricula of Arab countries. Not aligned with national curricula of Arab countries.
Mohammad Bin Rashid Reading Challenge Allocating a section of the open library aligned with the criteria of the Reading Challenge. Not Available
Expertise A group of experts specialized in teaching the Arabic language for all age groups, meticulous with the composition, proofreading, editing, designing, and recording of each book with high-quality sound effects, and developing a test to measure reading comprehension and learning outcomes. Content is inaccurate
Teacher’s Professional Development Providing educational resources to comprehensively enhance teaching and learning by prominent academic experts in the Arabic language education field for all age groups. Free videos from YouTube